Neighbors Indeed Are Friends In Need

TownSIP Research ~ 15 min read

What are the key factors does a home buyer considers today, before finalizing their dream home? Cost, legal clearances, location, layout, connectivity, water, electricity, quality of the developer, quality of construction, and some home buyers consider “Vaastu” as well. Often, all home buyers evaluate all these factors and try to ensure that these key factors are met as per their needs.

We at Townsip, agree that all these factors are extremely important while finalizing a home, but we strongly feel that one critical factor missing in these criteria is “NEIGHBOR”. Imagine you bought your dream house, at the choice of your location, well within your budget but end up with a neighbor you are not able to get along. Not a situation anyone would like to end up in. Hence, we find it a bit strange that, while buying a house we are missing this factor altogether. At present, good neighbors happen by chance rather than by design.

Good neighbors create happy neighborhoods and a great support system as well in the time of needs. Good neighbor benefits are well described in the video below.

When the “NEIGHBOR” factor is so important, can we think of ways to ensure that home buyers can have a definitive way to enhance their chances of having a good neighbor or even better would be to allow them to choose their own neighborhood?

Townsip is committed to ensure that, good neighborhood happens by design, rather than by chance. Marching towards the mission of providing a good home and a good neighborhood for every government employee, Townsip has launched two exclusive properties at affordable prices.

1) Gazetted Officers Colony (GOC), Pune an exclusive bungalow society in a township project for Gazetted Officers only

2) Manekshaw Enclave — Launched on 12th anniversary of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw exclusively for defence personnel

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