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A home is just not bricks and mortar, its’ true essence lies bound within the community surrounding it. We at TownSIP realise that having a like-minded community goes a long way into realising the vision that you have for your dream home.

Paramvir Vihar

For Defence Personnel and their wards

Having relocated multiple times, from living in cities to places you couldn’t have even pointed out on the map, we realize how potent the desire to have a permanent base, a place to call your forever home is! Keeping your budgetary constraints in mind TownSIP brings forth Paramvir Vihar, a community built exclusively for Defence Personnel and their wards, enabling you to settle down amidst a familiar and comforting environment.

Kendriya Vihar

For Centre Govt Employees and their wards

While you are busy rendering your relentless service across multiple sectors to our nation, it can get tedious to spare time for house-hunting in an ever changing market with an overload of information, trying to find your dream home. Your search ends with Kendriya Vihar, a community exclusively meant for Centre Government Employees and their wards, designed by TownSIP keeping your primary concerns at the forefront.

Satyamev Colony

For police employees and their wards

We often forget to honor those who risk everything, sacrificing their personal happiness to keep us safe. We at TownSIP wish to honor the countless Police personnel who often go beyond protocols to keep the citizens’ safe, by introducing a community meant exclusively for the personnel and their wards. Satyamev Vihar is not just real-estate rather a community built around the idea within which you’ll always feel at home, sharing space with people who you connect to.

Rail Vihar

For railway employees and their wards

The actual support behind the behemoth rail system of India who ensure that millions of commuters are able to travel easily are the Railway employees of our country. Meeting the transportation needs of a million-plus Indian cities means having to often put a stopper to their own need of buying a home. TownSIP’s idea behind Rail Vihar is to bridge this gap for Railway employees and their wards, with a community centred around the way of life they’re used to, while assuring top-notch quality.

Maharatna Colony

For PSU employees and their wards

Essentially one of the most crucial subsystems of our nation, the Public Sector Undertakings i.e. PSUs are catering not only to the burgeoning economy of India, but serving millions of people via multiple services. While this contribution goes unnoticed, TownSIP aims to value this by bringing forth Maharatna Vihar, a community designed specifically for PSU employees as well as their wards, assuring them the chance of buying their dream home.

Mudra Vihar

For PSU Bank and their wards

Often neglected to be counted as a part of the essential workforce, Public Sector Bank Employees are paramount to the lifeline of the country, providing services to millions of people, even in the face of adverse circumstances. While they help people navigate the financial hassles when it comes to buying their dream home, TownSIP wants to honour this by giving them a chance at their dream home, by introducing Bank Vihar, a community meant exclusively for PSU Bank employees and their wards.

Gazetted Officer’s Colony

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